The merle gene is an incomplete dominate and about 1/3 to half of the puppies are born with the merle coat pattern. The puppies from my breedings that are the merle color are the MERLE' BULLZ

The non-merle puppies from these breedings are the ADORA'BULLZ (see my Adorabullz pups page) and these puppies will be priced less than the Merle'Bullz.

                        Updated  1/25/16     


                                  Born 12/23/15

                   pic at 5 wks

    Jedi-Striking Merle boy AVAILABLE!


                       Sire~ Java


__ _________________________

 Below you can see the Gorgeous Merle pups that  Merle'Bullz has produced so far...

                  Pups below are not for sale

 MerleBullz Vanity-Gorgeous BLUE merle girl 4 wks

     Blue Chip-@ 5 wks went to San Diego CA

        Diesel darling Merle boy went to OR

         ZuZu- Cute merle pied girl~ staying here

 Domino-Striking merle boy~Staying here!

     Chocolate Parfait-
Went to Canada

      Merle Bullz Spotti Dotti went to KS

Marlee-Darling Merle girl pic at 6 wks went to Fairfield


                Paisley - went to West VA    pic at 6 mos


    Dakota-Merle male with awesome pattern!


               MerleBullz Destiny went to PA


       Daija- Merle girl with silver points! Went to WI

          Merle'Bullz Magic Man is staying here!            

  Mysti-Darling merle girl @ 8 wks Went to WI

     Casper- Merle pied boy  Went to Denmark!                            

    Chanel-Pretty merle girl   Went to Denmark!

  Mercedes-Beautiful Merle girl ~ Went to Illinois

      Mardi Gras- Gorgeous girl-Staying here! 

               Cruz- Merle boy
- Went to MO

             Cruz all grown up!!

   Zena--Merle pied choc carrier!-Staying here


                            Some   Sires to above puppies

                                      Deja Blue~ Gorgeous Blue male  AKC reg


                      Kissabullz Hershey Bar-Chocolate pied male AKC      


                      Java- Chocolate male AKC



  My very first  Merle puppy born 6/6/13 !!!!  pic @10wks





          All my puppies will be registered with MBR

                      The Merle Bulldog Registry

Merle adults have been BAER Tested "hearing normal"

 All my merle Puppies will be BAER hearing tested by  my Vet before they go to their new homes..