Dakota-Awesome merle boy pic at 7 wks

                                    Not for sale


                          Merle'Bullz Just Cruzin



                                       Merle'Bullz Merlikin and Mardi Gras 

                                                                                    The above are 2nd generation   

  Years ago I saw a picture of a darling Merle French Bulldog and I fell in love..Such a striking color and coat pattern!!

The merle pattern that I wanted is not seen in the French Bulldog, s0 in this age of designer dogs and also with the added bonus of hybrid vigor, I have selected some nice, typy Merle hybrids that I have bred to my AKC French Bulldogs to produce some amazing  merle coat patternsI am working toward a dog with a true French Bulldog type with a striking merle coat! 

                                                            Merle'Bullz Destiny

I have done my homework and know that one cannot breed merle to merle nor would one even want to, as that also would be going backwards as far as type, so I am taking the best type that I can find with the merle coat pattern and breeding them to the best and darkest colored French Bulldogs I have. The result I am looking for is to produce a true to standard (except for color of course) French Bulldog with a gorgeous merle coat pattern!!

               Future Merle'Bullz Sire born 10/2/13 !!

                          Merle'Bullz Magic Man


                            Darling Merle pied boy